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About management
"West Kazakhstan Regional Office for the Development of Languages"

The helpline of the West Kazakhstan regional administration for the development of languages ​​50 84 12.
The book of control over the ethics of civil servants is in the reception room of the head of the department.

The West Kazakhstan regional department for the development of languages ​​for the purpose of implementing the cultural project "Three Unities of Languages" organizes free courses on teaching state and English for the residents of the region.

Applications for courses are accepted on working days from 9.00 to 18.30 hours (lunch break from 13.00 to 14.30) at the address: 090000, Uralsk, ul. H.Churin, 116

The Office for the Development of Languages ​​of the West-Kazakh region in July 3, 2018 in the Regional Drama Theater. H.Bokeev within the framework of the program "Looking into the future: modernization of Kazakhstan", a regional contest was held among the institutions and enterprises "Zhasysys-zhannytyynysy" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. In this event, 9 teams participated.

June 8, 2018 in the village of Khan Ordasi of Bokeyorda district there was an informational, agitation meeting "Latin Karpin koshu-Bolashaty beckem baspalda", organized by the department of culture of development of languages, physical culture and sports of Bokeyorda district. The lecturer of the West Kazakhstan State University named after M.Utemisov, doctor of philological sciences Gabit Kayyrzhanovich Hasanov, chief specialist of the department for the development of languages ​​of the West Kazakhstan region Sveta Kadyrbaevna Ganieva, heads of departments, state institutions, teachers, media representatives, residents of the district, etc. participated in the event. 

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совместного заседания комиссии по организационно-провавым вопросам и развитию местного самоуправления и по социально- культурному развитию и образованию областного маслихата

 город Уральск №2 от 30 мая 2018 года

Председательствует: Турсынова Ляна Алексеевна – председатель комиссии по организационно-провавым вопросам иразвитию местного самоуправления.

In order to implement the five initiatives of the Head of State and their propaganda among the people of the country, an information and agitation group was set up. As a member of this commission, the head of the department for the development of languages ​​of the WKO, G. Alzhanova visited the rural district of Akkoza, Karatyubinsky district and fully informed the local population about the tasks arising from the Address of Our President, and accepted the local residents. And also the representative of the administration took part in the last call of Akkozy High School.

 The head of the department of the regional department for the development of languages ​​G.Alzhanova contributed to the organization of the next collegial meeting and told everyone that the Latin alphabet will open the doors of civilization in the process of modernization. The specialist in this field explained the importance of the transition to the Latin alphabet to the heads of the regional departments of the Emergencies and told about the forthcoming tasks. 

To clarify the answers to current questions on the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin, a round table was held for CS-nicks. At this event, which took place on May 18, 2018, the representative of the West Kazakhstan Regional Department for the Development of Languages ​​explained the significance of this issue. Emergency workers asked questions about the history and future of the Kazakh language. Events of this kind will continue on May 24.

On May 17, 2018, about 70 employees of state organizations and the budgetary sphere passed this test, which was held in the city center. The testers passed the test in four sections: listening, lexico-grammar, reading and writing. When passing the test, civil servants and employees of the spheres of education and culture showed high activity. In the region, more than 200 people participated in the compulsory test.

Every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan must know the state language. An effective way to check the level of proficiency in the state language is Kaztest. Therefore, adult residents of the region periodically pass this test. Today on May 16, 2018 civil servants of the Terektinsky district handed over Kaztest. High activity was at medium and high levels. 

Today Kaztest conducted in the West Kazakhstan region is held in the Akzhayk region. One of the main indicators of the state program is Kaztest, so today civil servants take this test. In particular, the average level of B-1 is 40 employees, at the highest level of C-1, 10 employees write a test. Tomorrow employees of the Terektinsky district will pass this mandatory test for civil servants. Today, May 15, 2018, civil servants of the Akzhayk district contributed to raising the status of their native language.

Today in Akzhaik rayon the next Kaztest started. This event conducted by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the regional department for the development of languages ​​determines the level of knowledge of the state language. May 14, 2018 civil servants of the Chingirlau district passed this test. Since the public service is a task of full responsibility, every civil servant must know the state language at the level of his office.

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